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Schools (K-12)

Schools (K-12)

Assessment for learning in schools

RM Results helps schools and multi-academy trusts through K-12 (primary/elementary to secondary/high school) improve their formative assessment.

How we help schools

RM Results helps schools and multi-academy trusts improve their formative assessment processes.

RM helps schools with:

Improve attainment and progress

Teachers better understand what ‘good’ looks like across schools, providing opportunities to better target learning interventions in areas for improvement.

Reduce teacher workload

Improving marking and moderation practices can reduce teacher time spent on assessing children effectively.

Flexibility on what and when to assess

Assessment tasks and timing if fully flexible for you to agree with other schools in your network.

"RM Compare helps to boost the attainment of learners and improves the teacher’s judgements, as they have a clearer view of what good quality writing looks like, leading to better professional conversations between teachers at school."

Steve Dew, Headteacher
Church Cowley St James Primary School, Oxford, UK

"Assessments should not be seen as a mere culmination to a series of lessons taught, but should be seen as vehicle that can be used to drive students’ performance and inform the teaching process in new and innovative ways by using the rich data that e-marking provides."

Marsha Pryce, Leigh Academies Trust


How 14 Oxfordshire schools transformed formative assessment with RM Compare™

Oxfordshire schools successfully pioneer a new method of collaborative assessment and moderation.

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