Professional Associations

Professional Associations

Digital assessment for professional qualifications

RM Results helps Professional Associations around the world move to digital assessment. Whether you are thinking about taking the first step in your e-assessment journey or wanting to accelerate towards end-to-end digital assessment, take a look at the options below or talk to us about how we can help.

How we help professional associations

From e-marking of exams to computer-based testing of candidates to full end-to-end digital assessment, find the solution that’s right for where your professional association is in your digital transformation journey.

Challenges for professional associations that digital assessment helps solve

Reach new markets

If you need to grow your membership and international reach as a professional association, offering your qualifications digitally can open up markets for you whilst ensuring a high level of control, security, consistency and fairness in your assessments.

Assess professionals in real-world context

Professionals increasingly expect to be assessed on their skills, knowledge and ability in a way that reflects how they work ‘in the real world’. As a minimum this involves the use of a computer and other digital tools rather than pen and paper.

Greater flexibility

Increase the frequency of exam sessions you can offer your students or move to a combination of on-demand summative or formative assessments to suit your needs.

“This partnership (with RM Results) will help us to revolutionise the way we mark our examinations, further cementing the integrity and transparency of our marking process.”

Dr Innocent Okwuosa, Chairman
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria

“We’re thrilled with the support that RM Results has given us to increase the frequency of our exam sessions and to enable e-marking of new question types more closely aligned with the daily work of the accountancy profession.”

Sarah Corcoran, Director of e-Assessment Transformation

Professional Association

Meeting the needs of the modern candidate

Working in partnership with RM Results, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) successfully moved to an assessment solution that better reflects the working conditions for professional accountants, without losing the integrity of their exams.

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