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Language Test Publishers

Language Test Publishers

Digital assessment for language testing

Language qualifications enable people to work or study in different countries. Digital assessment can help deliver and mark language tests more widely, reaching candidates in remote locations and delivering results faster.

How we help language test publishers

RM Results helps language test publishers move to digital assessment. From computer-based tests enabling rich multimedia assessments through to e-marking for consistent marking across international locations.

Digital assessment helps language test publishers

Reach new markets

Access new markets by delivering your qualifications through digital assessment, whilst retaining control, consistency and fairness.

Flex assessments for different demographics

Digital assessment allows you the flexibility to deliver assessments in different ways for different demographics using a variety of media.

Speed up results issue

Digital assessment improves efficiency in your assessments, enabling you to increase capacity, move to on-demand assessments and issue results faster than ever.

“Working with RM Results, Cambridge Assessment English have seen a 40% increase in the number of English language tests taken on computer in their global test centre network. This equates to more than half a million tests being taken on-screen every year, in 500 test centres worldwide.”

Peter Collison, Language Test Sector Lead
RM Results

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