RM Assessor sets the standard for innovative features, and is loved by markers and session managers alike

The rich functionality of RM Assessor enables a clear and intuitive e-marking experience, delivered completely online. The platform is internationally recognised as a growing market leader across the globe.

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Mark Anything Anywhere™

  • Mark Anything

    RM Assessor provides the flexibility to ‘human mark’ scanned scripts, converted electronic files, rich multi-media (audio visual), e-coursework portfolios and e-content from computer-based testing systems. It can accommodate both long and short answer responses as well as allowing markers to input marks where a physical paper or submission cannot be scanned.

  • Mark by Candidate or Question

    Markers can switch between ‘mark by candidate’ and ‘mark by question’, depending on their preference. The system also increases efficiency with ‘zoning’ functionality, enabling administrators to assign specific questions or question groups to the markers with the most relevant topic expertise.

  • Feature Rich Marking

    Questions can be annotated so that good/weak practice is noted, helping to steer the final mark awarded. RM Assessor also features a useful range of marking tools such as the protractor, and rulers to e-mark scale-drawn charts and diagrams.

Quality Control

  • Standardisation

    We understand that it’s essential to standardise markers against definitively marked responses before live marking preparation. RM Assessor's simulation and practice marking modes allow for appropriate examiner preparation and ensure standardised marking practice.

  • Multiple Marking

    Where desired, responses can be marked by more than one examiner as standard, and marks auto-compared using acceptable tolerances to arrive at an agreed final mark or to flag a marking discrepancy.

  • Seeding

    Seeding is the process of randomly introducing scripts or items that have already been marked and given an agreed score to ensure markers are all marking to the same standard. Seeds appear exactly the same as ‘real’ scripts in the examiner’s allocation, and the system will compare the pre-allocated score with the examiner’s score to check marking quality. Team leaders can also perform one-off spot checks at any stage of the marking.

Real Time Communication

  • Internal Messaging

    RM Assessor enables communication between the remote marking teams and their team leaders and allows any marking or examiner issues to be flagged and quickly resolved in real-time.

  • Alerts & Exceptions

    Team leaders are alerted to incoming messages and exceptions. By being able to quickly resolve marking queries with team leaders, marking pace is maintained to target level.

Grade Awarding

  • Sharing Marks

    Once definitive marks have been awarded, RM Assessor exports marks to awarding body systems.

  • Results Collation & Rate Scripts

    RM Assessor allows marks collation and script rating to support grade boundary decisions.

  • Grading

    RM Assessor allows auto-assign grades (according to pre-defined grade boundaries) to marked responses.

  • Configure Awarding

    Awarding can be configured entirely to meet the specific scheme and requirements defined by the awarding body.

Administrator Tools

  • Complete Session Management

    Using RM Assessor, administrators can efficiently plan, track and manage users and roles, exam components and item groups through each exam session.

  • Team Management

    The platform enables team leaders to manage and support markers completely online. This means that team leaders can view marking progress at any time, communicate with markers and resolve any marking issues.

  • Script Scanning Management

    Using RM Assessor, administrators manage the scanning and indexing of scripts, and also manipulate scripts as required and create and amend image zones for mark by question or groups of questions.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Management Information

    Senior management teams can use RM Assessor reports to monitor management information, including marking speed, progress against plan and established targets and allows drill-down to component or examiner level to identify issues.

  • Marking Quality

    RM Assessor offers a wide array of reports, including marking quality reports, which can be run at any time to track marking quality from standardisation through to live marking. Team Leaders can view marking trends at high level or in detail and can identify any stuck markers.

Multi-lingual, Multi-platform

  • Globally Available

    RM Assessor is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) or can be self-hosted by any customer or partner, it is also accessible via the Internet, meaning that markers have secure 24 x7 access.

  • A Choice of Platform and Device

    Because RM Assessor is accessed via an internet browser, markers do not require the software to be installed locally. RM Assessor can be accessed on Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows computers using a browser.

  • Localised User Interface

    RM Assessor can be delivered in any language and can accommodate terminology specific to awarding bodies.

  • Secure Access

    Platform security features include; secure password re-set, recovery and, where required, single sign-on. This ensures that the system is kept secure at all times, but still has the flexibility needed for markers.


  • Integrate with Key Systems

    The platform can directly integrate with scanning, indexing and general third party administration systems.

  • Cloud Storage

    RM Assessor integrates with any content management system or secure public cloud (eg Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS) to access images of scripts for marking.

  • Integration Platform

    RM Assessor features an integration platform for two-way data interoperability with e-authoring, e-testing, analytics/BI and other digital assessment systems. Click here for more information.