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RM Assessor³


E-marking of high-stakes assessments with RM Assessor

RM Assessor is an intuitive, secure and reliable e-marking solution used by awarding organisations around the world.

Introduction to RM Assessor

Our award-winning e-marking platform RM Assessor was designed with great user experience and high-quality assessment at its heart. An intuitive application and service that enables the marking of any type of assessment, anywhere and on a wide range of devices.

In a survey of more than 4,000 examiners using RM Assessor for the first time, marking high-stakes exams for a large global awarding organisation, 97% of examiners rated being satisfied or very satisfied with RM Assessor.

How does RM Assessor help?

Quality assurance

Familiarisation modes and real-time support for examiners as well as quality checks throughout the marking session ensures ongoing quality of marking.

Mark Anything, Anywhere™

Scanned scripts, online exams, audio-visual, even coursework can be uploaded for e-marking and moderation. Examiners can mark at a time and place that suits them.

Enhance security

E-marking reduces the risks associated with transporting paper exam scripts between multiple places for pen-and-paper marking and moderation.

Improve efficiency

Assessment responses can be available for marking as soon as they are uploaded, with the potential to speed-up the overall assessment cycle and faster results issue.

Keep marking on target

Track progress of marking to examiner and component level, helping ensure marking stays on target and any problems can be easily identified and resolved.

Integrate your assessment systems

Integrate marking with your management, scanning and indexing systems to give your administrators and managers visibility throughout the marking session.

"RM Assessor³ gives efficiencies in our processes. We have been able to become more nimble as an organisation, deliver results consistently on time (and) our quality of marking has improved."

Director – Assessment Operations and Innovation
International Baccalaureate

"The success of RM Assessor (is that) it is user-friendly and it interfaced beautifully with our system. We were able to complete our marking well in advance of our deadline."

Senior Assistant Registrar – Examinations Administration and Security


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