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Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring Solutions for E-testing

Ensure the credibility and integrity of online exams with remote proctoring solutions.

Introduction to Remote Proctoring

We provide proctoring solutions to enable exams to be taken securely in any location. Remote proctoring, or online invigilation, is the supervision of a candidate through visual and audio connections over the web while they sit their examination.

As online learning technologies continue to develop at pace and remote learning and working becomes commonplace across the world, the ability to assess remote learners has never been so important.

Remote proctoring can take many different forms, but some examples of the types of solutions we can provide include:

Live proctoring: A supervisor watches the candidate live via a screen share and video link to authenticate the candidate's identity, monitor them for the duration of the exam and intervene if necessary.

Recorded proctoring: A scalable option where the candidate is recorded throughout the exam so that the recording can be reviewed afterwards.

Features and Benefits

Greater flexibility

Remote proctoring allows greater flexibility over where and when exams are held.

Ensure integrity & credibility

Deter and detect cheating and exam malpractice to ensure candidates get the results they deserve.

Anywhere, anytime

Provide exams on demand to better meet the needs of candidates and improve scalability with the potential to increase the number of exam sessions on offer.

Improve security

Protect exam content and verify the identity of candidates so you can administer secure exams with confidence.

Enhance the candidate experience

Empower candidates to be able to take exams from the comfort of their home or workplace without the need for travel.

Minimise the risk of exam disruption

Avoid disruption to your exam schedule and cancellations by ensuring exams can take place under any circumstance.

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