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Feedback Engagement and Tracking with FEATS

Improve student feedback literacy and continuous development for student retention and future success.

Introduction to FEATS

FEATS is an innovative Feedback Engagement and Tracking System designed by students for students. FEATS is the result of research led by Dr Naomi Winstone, Director of the Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab, on students' engagement with their feedback.

Winner of ‘Educational Development Initiative of the Year’, awarded by the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA), FEATS can help you improve student experience and empowers students to achieve their goals.

How does FEATS Help?

Optimise the student experience

Enabling students to collate and synthesise their feedback in one place helps them engage more effectively with their feedback, improving their ability to learn and develop.

Attract and retain students

Students look at how institutions are rated in student satisfaction surveys. Assessment and feedback is one area where many institutions could improve the student experience.

Improve feedback literacy

Students often find it difficult to act upon the feedback they receive or are unsure what it means and how to use it. FEATS improves feedback literacy and comprehension.

Glean insights from data

Learning analytics on students' engagement with their feedback can help organisations glean insights into the efficacy of feedback provision.

Empower students in their development

Students can be directed to a resource bank of curated learning and development resources at their institution aligned to key skills and knowledge areas.

Prepare students for employment

Students can build graduate attributes that they can take into employment, including feedback literacy that will support their lifelong learning and continued development.

"FEATS has helped me to become more self-aware of my learning and how I can improve which is essential for my future career development."

First Year Student
University of Surrey

"Before FEATS, the feedback process for many students stopped after reading their feedback. Now students can take control of their learning and drive their own development."

Learning Developer
University of Surrey

"FEATS has had an impact on knowledge, behaviours and practises of staff and students across the institution."

Associate Dean
University of Surrey

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