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Education Data Services

Data & Analytics

Analyse and benchmark performance with education data

Improve transparency into pupil attainment and progress across educational institutions with education data analysis.

Introduction to Education Data Services

RM Results works with departments of education to collate and check the attainment data of education institutions across their jurisdiction. Data is verified and analysed to create performance tables showing historical and up-to-date attainment and progress of pupils by institution.

How does education data help?

Drive improvement

Publishing education data can help drive up standards by acting as a catalyst for the sharing of best practice.

Assess and benchmark performance

Publication of performance data allows key stakeholders to benchmark and compare education institutions on selected criteria.

Increase transparency

Giving access to data and comparison or benchmarking tools helps publicly-funded bodies improve transparency.

Who are our education data services suited to?

"Our dedicated helpdesk team at RM deals with over 1,000 calls and emails a day in our busiest month, guiding schools and colleges through the security procedure of logging into the website and offering advice on checking and amending data."

Tanya Robinson, Account Director - Data Services

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