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Assessment Master™

Authoring & Testing

Design and deliver assessments online with Assessment Master™

Bring your assessments into the digital age with Assessment Master™ - a unique web platform for large scale assessments.

Introduction to Assessment Master

Assessment Master™ is a web based application for the digital design and delivery of summative and formative assessments for educational institutions and awarding organisations.

Assessment Master™ enables a 21st century approach to electronic testing with simulative, interactive, collaborative and game-like instruments in task oriented and problem solving scenarios, providing unlimited test possibilities for authors, educators and psychometricians.

How does Assessment Master help?

Modernise your assessment processes

People increasingly learn and work using digital technologies. Assessment Master™ enables you to assess people in a more 'real world' context.

Innovate in your testing

Assessment Master™ opens up new horizons in testing, enabling you to use a multitude of rich media for appropriate ways of assessing relevant skills and knowledge.

Gain insight into your assessment cycle

Assessment Master™ gives you visibility of your assessment cycle – from tracking progress to identifying issues or trends through the manager and admin functions.

How NZQA moved their national exams online and created a platform for innovation in assessment

To reflect the digital world that students live and learn in, NZQA embarked on a ‘digital assessment transformation journey’ to modernise the NCEA exams, creating a platform for innovation in assessment over time.

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