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Digital assessment solutions


E-authoring and test design with Assessment Master™

Create simple or very complex items and assessments, opening new horizons in testing.

Easy authoring

Interactive and intuitive process for creating test items and test building makes authoring, designing and publishing your assessments easy.

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With more than 30 item types, ranging from simple to very complex, customisable meta data structures and workflow, test creators have near unlimited possibilities.

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International testing

Built-in translation tools and workflows to translate to any language or character set open new horizons in cross-cultural and international testing.

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E-testing with Assessment Master™

Modernise your assessment delivery, making it fit for the modern learner in the digital age.


Pioneer the digital delivery of assessment, offering teachers and learners a 21st century approach to testing.

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A secure and reliable web-based application, provided as a SaaS cloud solution, ensures the integrity and scalability of your assessments.

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Multiple test delivery methods, each with distinctive features addressing specific physical, legal or environmental challenges.

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E-marking of high-stakes assessments with RM Assessor

RM Assessor is an intuitive, secure and reliable e-marking solution used by awarding organisations around the world.

Mark Anything, Anywhere™

Any type of assessment can be captured and uploaded for examiners to mark at a time and place that suits them.

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Improve marking security

Reduce the risks associated with transporting paper exam scripts between multiple places for marking and moderation.

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Quality assurance

Ensure consistency of marking through quality-checks that meet your requirements and flag issues for intervention.

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Adaptive Comparative Judgement

Adaptive comparative judgement with RM Compare™

RM Compare™ is an effective solution for educational institutions, awarding organisations and professional bodies, wanting to improve their formative, summative, peer-to-peer assessment and moderation processes.

Improve student outcomes

Everyone gains a deeper understanding of what 'good' looks like. This focus on feedback has been proven to raise attainment in students.

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Reduce marker workload

Using professional judgement rather than marking to set criteria provides a better marking experience for assessors, helping to reduce workload and combat marker fatigue.

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Reduce assessment bias

Multiple judges assessing each piece of work helps reduce common assessment biases. This professional consensus provides highly reliable results.

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Results & Feedback

Feedback engagement and tracking with FEATS

Improve student feedback literacy and continuous development for student retention and success.

Collate student feedback

Collating and categorising the feedback they receive across modules empowers students to identify their areas for development.

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Develop student skills

Students take control of their own development, building an action plan to deepen their knowledge and key skills.

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Boost student employability

Students build their graduate attributes to take into employment or onward education for future success.

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Education Data Services

Analyse and benchmark performance with education data

Improve transparency into pupil attainment and progress across educational institutions with education data analysis.

Drive improvement

Publishing education data can help drive up standards by acting as a catalyst for the sharing of best practice.

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Assess and benchmark performance of educational institutions

Publication of performance data allows key stakeholders such as parents, students, teachers and local governments, to benchmark and compare different education institutions measured by selected criteria.

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Increase transparency

Public bodies are under increased pressure to provide transparency over the performance of publicly-funded services, such as education in many countries. Giving access to data and comparison or benchmarking tools can help answer these pressures.

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Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring solutions for e-testing

Ensure the credibility and integrity of online exams with remote proctoring solutions.

Greater flexibility

Remote proctoring allows greater flexibility over where and when exams are held.

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Minimise the risk of exam disruption

Avoid disruption to your exam schedule and cancellations by ensuring exams can take place under any circumstance.

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Enhance the candidate experience

Empower candidates to be able to take exams from the comfort of their home or workplace without the need for travel.

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Industry-Specific Software

Client & Case Management with iCase

iCase is a client and case management system used by government organisations in Australia to implement cost savings, efficiencies and compliance improvements.

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