Every year in England, approximately 27 million exam results from SATs, GCSEs and A-levels are compiled into the School Performance Tables. On Thursday 24th January, the Department for Education launched their 2018 KS4 & 16-18 School Performance Tables. At RM Results, we help collate, check and process the data that populates these tables.

To understand more about the project, and her involvement in it, we spoke to Tanya Robinson, Account Director for the Department of Education (DfE) and data at RM Results.

What are the School Performance Tables, and why do they matter?

The School Performance Tables are often the first port of call for parents in England when choosing a school. The information shows how well students in England have done in public examinations taken at key points during their school careers.

Every year the data calculations changes to reflect government policy changes. At RM Results, we adapt our processes to meet these requirements.

How long have you worked at RM Results, and what is your involvement with the School Performance Tables?

I have worked at RM Results for almost 10 years. I joined as temp in the Project Management Team, shortly after having my son. It was my intention to only stay for a few weeks, ten years later and I am still here loving it!

As Account Director, I have overall responsibility for the DfE as a client. I spend a lot of time working with the teams to identify strategic improvements to ensure our service evolves to meet the clients changing requirements. I also look for new opportunities within the educational data space and assess whether or not it is something RM Results would like to explore.

My main goal is to look after my client – the DfE. By working closely with the DfE, ensuring we understand their needs, both RM Results and DfE benefit. Ultimately, my aim is to grow the account and the best way to do that is to ensure the service we offer is of the highest quality.

What does a typical day look like for an Account Director?

There is no such thing as a typical day. As an Account Director, I might be spending the day with a client, or attending a data conference or working on a proposal. It is important I keep abreast and curious about the educational data landscape so I set some time aside each day for research and reading.

What has surprised you the most so far about working for RM Results?

I had a primary teacher call Miss Gunn. She was an energy powerhouse who believed that all children could shine. She taught me that if you put the effort in you will succeed.

I guess she is one of the reasons I think working within the education sector is so important – a shared trait with all involved, at both RM Results and the DfE. Everyone I have come across is fully committed to the work that we are doing, and care about the students behind the statistics.

How can I find out more?

To find out more about the School Performance Tables and RM Results involvement, read our case study.