The digital revolution has provided unparalleled access to information and empowered people to do their own research, education and learning.

February 28th celebrates the use of digital in learning, and in particular highlights innovative and forward-thinking use of technology within education.

At RM Results, we are passionate about the power of digital technology in improving the student experience and student success.

This month, our launch of a Feedback Engagement and Tracking System (FEATS), designed by the University of Surrey for students in higher education, is a great example of how digital solutions can improve student learning and development.

We were also pleased to announce our partnership with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), providing e-marking of the NCEA exams as part of their digital transformation.

Our own digital innovations received some welcome recognition, with RM Assessor3 shortlisted for Vertical Market Solution of the Year at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards.

In this digital revolution, skills such as critical thinking and collaboration are driving assessment and education reform across the globe, and we expect a continued uptake of technology in assessment, education and learning to fit these changes over the coming years.