Every year more than a million people around the world get the marks they deserve thanks to RM Results

For over a decade we've been partnering with the world's leading awarding bodies to deliver intuitive, secure and reliable e-marking solutions, and we're continually growing internationally.

Today RM Results is at the heart of educational assessment

RM Results is the product of 40 years' experience in education technology. Together with the world’s leading exam boards, we’re modernising assessment.

RM Assessor leads high-stakes e-marking

RM Assessor is the world’s most widely used high stakes e-marking application, used to mark around 160 million exam pages each year.

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RM Results entrusted to deliver education data

We receive 27 million exam results from schools and colleges across England annually as part of our work on the School Performance Tables.

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40 years' heritage in education

RM Results is part of RM plc, the British company with a forty year heritage of providing innovative, effective technology to the education sector.

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RM Results starts work with the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

RM Results begins working with Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA), the UK’s largest awarding body, to provide e-marking services.


RM Assessor goes global

RM Assessor is used to e-mark 160 million exam pages, and the system is now used in more than 100 countries around the world.

CXC, the Caribbean Examinations Council, comes on board as a new client following successful pilot sessions in the region.


RM’s Assessment and Data Services divisions merge to create ‘RM Results’

The new brand identity showcases RM Results' global product and service offering.

The same year, RM Results also partners with the National Examinations Centre of Slovenia, which immediately sees a 7% reduction in results enquiries due to the introduction of RM Assessor.


Multi-language e-marking introduced and first international scanning centre established

As the uptake of RM Assessor by the world’s leading exam bodies continues to gather pace, RM further enhances its innovative system by adding multi-language marking capabilities that quickly increase the rate by which RM Assessor is adopted in non-English speaking countries.

The first international exam scanning centre opens in Indianapolis, USA.


International Baccalaureate entrusts RM with e-marking

RM is approached by the International Baccalaureate (IB) to provide outsourced e-marking services for its flagship diploma qualification. The IB makes use of scanning centres both in the UK and US to reduce the movement of scripts: improving security and speed.


RM Assessor developments enable coursework e-marking

The functionality and capabilities of RM Assessor are extended to include e-marking of coursework files. This complements the system’s exam e-marking capabilities and broadens its usage.


RM Assessor goes global and ConnectPlus e-testing begins with Cambridge Assessment

RM Results' first international e-marking customer, the International Baccalaureate, begins piloting RM Assessor before rolling out its usage of the e-marking system to more than 100 countries around the world.

ConnectPlus e-testing system is developed for Cambridge Assessment. The main aim for creating this platform was to provide a strategic and scalable platform for the long term, enabling paper based test to be converted to computer based testing. The e-testing service was adopted at scale in 2011, and ConnectPlus is still in use today.


RM acquires SERAP

In 2007, RM acquired assets of the Schools Exam Results Analysis Project (SERAP) business from University of Bath to enhance our assessment and data services business. SERAP provided specialised educational data matching and reporting services for government departments and agencies, and local authorities.

By acquiring assets of SERAP, we acquired their existing contacts, along with the software, data and expertise required to fulfil these contracts, giving RM a boost to its expertise in education data services.


RM wins NPD contract and RAISE Online is created

RM wins the contract for the National Pupil Database (NPD), which matches pupil and school characteristic data to pupil level attainment. In 2006-07, the School Census replaced the Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC), which is the key source of data for individual pupil characteristics.

RM went on to acquire software company FORVUS, to form part of the Assessment and Data division of RM, and took over the RAISEOnline contract. RAISEOnline provides interactive analysis of school and pupil performance data.


Cambridge Assessment and RM work together to develop an e-marking solution

From 2004 RM and Cambridge Assessment started working together to develop an onscreen marking (e-marking) system. The key aims of the software were to improve the efficiency and increase the accuracy of marking. The resulting system, originally known as Scoris Assessor, has evolved over time to become RM Assessor. RM Assessor is now the world's most widely used e-marking tool, used in over 100 countries worldwide.


University of Cambridge Local Exam Syndicate project begins

In 2003, Cambridge Assessment (formerly University of Cambridge Local Exam Syndicate) and RM started working together launching the University of Cambridge Local Exam Syndicate Project. The aim of the project was to streamline the process of managing traditional, paper-based exams.


RM begins venture into e-assessment and opens office in India

RM is awarded a 6 year, £23m contract by the then English schools' exam regulator, QCDA, to deliver a system for assessing pupils' capability in ICT at the end of Key Stage 3 across all secondary schools in England. The same year, offshore development centre, RM ESI, is born with the opening of an office in Trivandrum, Kerala.

RM begins a partnership with Forvus – a highly-regarded data solutions company, and the Department for Education enlists RM’s newly acquired exam results data processing capabilities.